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dal 16 APR 2024 al 19 APR 2024  |  Dr.ssa M. Valentini  |  News

SOUL MATE - Meeting in Erfurt (Germany)

SOUL MATE - Meeting in Erfurt (Germany)

Mariarita Valentini and Eleonora Marsili Leaving ✈️

Together with our project partners we will develop a workplace mental health training program for employees & self-employed individuals with disabilities.

Soul Mate is an ERASMUS+ project in cooperation with Kopf, hand + Fuss gGmbH from Berlin (Stefanie Trzecinski, Judith Zinke), People First from Pécs (Veronika Pataki), SATIS Centro Clinico from Rome (Mariarita Valentini, Eleonora Marsili, Graziosa Sacco, Chiara Pianciamore, Emanuele Caroppo, Laura Lo Paro and Giannangelo Boccuzzi), Work with Ease from Sofia (Andrea Kaden, Ralf Westphal) & VSBI from Erfurt.

We are looking forward to the oncoming project meetings!


Mental care at work for
people with disabilities

Co-funded by the
Erasmus + Programme
of the European Union

Ministero delle Imprese
e del Made in Italy